Welcome to Bali ! Marilyn is the Name to Know!


Hello friends,

Am very excited to be in Bali from 18 - 24 October...... as I have been receiving requests for shopping & sourcing trips over recent months, thought it a good idea to advise you and your friends, just in case you are planning to be in Bali during the above dates. If so, great! Love to meet you and friends!
Please send me an email - retailtherapym@gmail.com

The good news is that I will be back in Bali to live early June '19
Meanwhile I have been doing lots of research& planning for another extension of my work..... which revolves around Artisans in Indonesia.

However, it's been great to have some time to myself over these past months: to get fit, to update on happenings around town.... time to take in some movies too. and the city...... well,l there are some super restaurants, bars and cafes...

The big issue is that Sydney is expensive in all areas...... and the issue for Australians visiting Bali is that prices have risen, depending on where one stays, where one dines, where one shops, particularly if you buy quality artisanal product, and it's here, you just need to know where to go....always much better to buy a piece that you can't find anywhere else!!

However, if you want to find 'cheap' then take yourself to Kuta, the markets around and parts of Denpasar there is always something to take your eye.....

In the last year since back in Sydney, I noticed a lot of Bali product in home stores..... interestingly now, the Bali stock has been replaced by 'other product'
that is sharp, modern with a twist, a new color palette, streamlined, a little classic too..... which makes for much needed variety in the stores....

Again I am very much looking forward to my visit to Bali, from 18 to 24 October.

So, if you are planning a visit to the isle please send me a note soon, so I can book you into my diary!

Best wishes to all!!

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