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Where have I been, what have I been doing you may wonder?!
Well, I have been recovering from an eye injury since mid 2017
and then the volcano issue arose, so decided to stay put in Sydney......I did manage to get away for a short break mid Oct '17 where I met up with clients but also realized that I was a 'little burnt out' having not left Bali for some years. It's always good to see what's happening in other cities/countries just to see how Bali is tracking.

What I have realized in the past few years is the costs of goods in Bali have skyrocketed and was not the island that many came to know....cheap!

However, costs do rise even in Bali but if you really want to find 'cheap' then it's Kuta, the markets, and Denpasar!

Considering all of the above, and with ideas swirling around in my head, I decided to take some further time off to do some much needed research on places and product; artisanal product and more contemporary product, all the better to share and experience with you when I am eventually back in Bali..
In fact, it's been fruitful to see what's happening (or not happening) on the retail front in Sydney. Not a lot I must confess, retail generally is pretty down, much the same as in many countries.

As I discovered going around the stores and market places there is so much Bali product and now, way too much!
The high-end home stores stood out and so did their product. They did stock some Bali product, but not so much, relying more on better display techniques where their store didn't spell - Bali, Bali....

If any readers would like to know about interesting retail stores found in parts of Sydney, then send me a note....
there are many expats that live in Bali, not just Australians who may take a trip to Sydney.... for them I can certainly share my knowledge.

I will visit Bali from time to time so if you are planning a visit do send me a note to inquire if I will be around.....
Now on with my research that will provide me some new exciting options (with a tad of adventure!) to share with you going forward!

Best wishes to all,

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